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New Autumn Gourmet Cookies for Gifting

We're. So. Excited.

After weeks of testing and tasting, our New Autumn Limited Edition Cookies are ready. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year in the culinary world. Following the fruity, zesty flavours of summer, we always welcome the subtle warming comfort that Autumn brings. We'll be honest, we got a little carried away. We don't have "a limited edition cookie" we have four!

Plum Bakewell

A fragrant almond cookie with a jammy plum centre - this one is our stickiest cookie (but also one of our favourites!).

Cinder Toffee

A chocolate cookie dough with white chocolate chunks and cinder toffee (AKA Honeycomb). This cookie reminds us of bonfires and what's more autumnal than bonfires?

Chai Latte

Our favourite autumn beverage but better! Warming chai spices and coffee infused into our vanilla cookie dough with Belgian white chocolate. Each cookie is sprinkled with chai spiced sugar dust after while fresh out of the oven.

Toffee Apple

This one brings back childhood memories. I used to long for one of those glossy caramel coated apples on sticks! We've combined apple chunks, Belgian white chocolate and fudge chunks with a lightly spiced brown sugar dough for a chewy & delicous cookie that reminds us all of Autumn.

Our Autumn Gourmet Cookie Selection makes an impressive gift. Freshly baked, beautifully wrapped, and sent direct (mainland UK). If you're looking to offer a little sweet comfort, this is the gift for you! We call it our Autumn hug in a box. It's almost bound to compel the recipient to curl up with a cuppa and cookie in a favorite chair.

Our Autumn Cookies are also available for coffee shops, deli's and cafes. If you sell a coffee, we'd love to work with you! Email us to become a Trade Customer -


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