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We're not just another cookie company.  We use the best ingredients, bake with care & passion and package with style.  

Our Story

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We're young and Willow & Finch isn't old,  so we don't have a very long story...

For as long as we can remember, food has played an important part in bringing friends and family together.  We have enjoyed baking from a young age,  inspired & encouraged by a Grandma who loved to cook.


Willow & Finch was created as part of a sixth-form project - the perfect way to combine business studies, IT skills and chef skills at the same time as doing something we enjoy.  Sixth form is now a distant memory, but Willow & Finch lives on!  We're a small family business and that's not a bad thing.  Producing thousands of gourmet cookies and cakes per month - each and every one made by hand - just as it was at the start.

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Our Promise

At Willow & Finch we are passionate about quality and service. 

Our cakes and cookies are always freshly baked to order using the best ingredients available. 

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