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New Winter Cookies

It's official, our Winter Limted Edition Cookies are ready and available for pre-order!

If I'm honest, product development is the best part of working in our family business. When it comes to new flavours, our creativity is the limit - and we're pretty creative, so we haven't reached the limit yet!

This Winter we've taken some of our favourite winter flavours and transformed them into cookies. It's not always straightforward - there's a fair amount of trial and error - a tweak here and an few extra grams there. We're pretty pleased with the outcome...

Stollen Gourmet Cookies Does anyone else look forward to those fruity, almondy loaves each year? Now you can have it in a cookie! A spiced dough with dried fruit and a layer of marzipan in the centre - dusted with icing sugar. These are divine served warm....Christmas in every bite!

Sticky Toffee Date Cookies

Nothing says winter more than tucking into Grandma's sticky toffee date pudding...especially after a bracing walk on the moors!

Confession: there's actually no real toffee in these cookies - the dates are pre-soaked and and become sticky and naturally toffee-like in texture. If you think you don't like dates, be brave and try these cookies - we know you'll love them!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

There's something nostaligic about peppermint at Christmas. Sucking on a minty candy cane, and sharing after dinner mints with family and friends. Our Belgian dark chocolate is semi-sweet, which perfectly balances the minty flavour. Dusted with a peppermint "snow" for fun!


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