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Palm Oil - Our Pledge

Today we have important news. We've been thinking about this for a while, but today it's official. We pledge to be palm oil free by 2024. Although we don't add palm oil directly to our products, some of our ingredients do contain it. We promise that by 2024, none of our products will contain palm oil.

What is palm oil used in?

Palm Oil is used vastly in the food and beauty industries. It's a cheap and efficient oil. Its creamy and smooth texture, and odourless qualities make it a popular choice for food production.

It's also semi-solid at room temperature, which is a property needed to make butter and margarine spreadable. It has a natural preservative effect which extends shelf life.

However, the detrimental affects on the environment far outweigh any manufacturing benefits. The growing palm oil industry and unsustainable production is one of the biggest threats facing forests and wildlife. Forest habitats are being lost, animals are losing their homes and carbon is being released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

As millions of square miles of trees across the world have been cut down to keep up with palm oil production wildlife and plants have been decimated.

Which species are affected by Palm Oil deforestation?

Deforestation for palm oil poses a serious threat to orangutans and other endangered species.

Last year, a comprehensive meta-study concluded that the Bornean orangutans numbers had halved over the past 16 years. Recent studies also show that both the Sumatran and newly discovered Tapanuli orangutan lost more than half their habitat between 1985 and 2007. All three species are classified as Critically Endangered, along with the Sumatran Tiger and Sumatran Rhino.

It's easy to become complacent, here in the UK, snacking on a cookie without too much thought (if any) about what's gone into it. We're not prepared to do this any longer. It's something that matters and we need to do our bit.

If you're worrying about the future of your favourite cookie, worry not! We're working hard at alternative ingredients and recipes. We'll continue to provide the best gourmet cookies in the UK! Recipes will change for the better. When you're thinking about the future of your favourite cookie, think about the future of the orangutans and other species who are loosing their homes too. Please support us in the transition to be palm oil free by 2024.

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