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Town Mill - an ancient working watermill in Lyme Regis

We stumbled apon Town Mill in Lyme Regis a few months ago. We've been to Lyme Regis many times, but never really ventured far from the main street and sea front. Set in the artisan quarter, not far away, is an ancient and working watermill. It has been rescued by volunteers through a ten year restoration project and is now run through a small charitable trust.

Today, the unique and intriguing story of The Town Mill is told by volunteer millers who mill stoneground wholemeal flour, and keep this special place open for everyone to enjoy.

Nestled around a cobbled courtyard, the restored mill buildings house a working watermill and mill shop, art gallery, as well as a selection of creative, artisan businesses.

Having a personal interest in baking, it wasn't difficult to tempt us inside. Entry is free and we can honestly say we found the whole experience fascinating. The millers, John and Steve, guided us around the mill, demonstrating the various cogs, wheels and belts. There was a young family with us on the tour - the millers did a great job of engaging with the children. They were passionate about their craft and really looked the part!

Here's a few photos we took when we were there - if you're in the Lyme Regis area we recommend you pay a visit.


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