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Hylsten Bakery

Confession: when we're visiting farm shops, it's not unusual for me to disappear, then reappear with a smug look and a Hylsten loaf tucked under my arm. My first taste of good sourdough bread was a Semolina Porridge loaf by Hylsten Bakery. It's to their credit that it became, and still is, my favourite bread. Not my daily go-to, but something I snap up as a treat. We call it our farm shop tea - Hylsten sourdough with butter, good cheese, olives, meats, watercress - anything that looks fresh and appealing.

About Hylsten Bakery

Baking fresh sourdough bread at Hylsten Bakery

Hylsten Bakery was founded by Kate and Megan in May 2020. They use organic, U.K. grown, stoneground flour to bake delicious, nutritious sourdough bread. They work directly with farmers and millers with the aim of building resilient local food networks and grain economies.

They work with Andrew of Fresh Flour (based nearby, so they take flour straight off the mill!) and Shipton Mill and are active members in the South West Grain Network.


Unfortunately in Dec 21, a fire broke out in the bakery oven. The oven was written off and although the fire was fairly contained, the smoke damage managed to seep into every crevice of the bakery. As a new business without the capital to sustain such a hit, it was thanks to their loyal customers Go Fund Me campaign that Hylsten was up and running again after just 4 months of closure.


My Favourite Loaf - the Semolina Porridge Sourdough

Hylsten Bakery Porridge Loaf Sourdough Bread

Hylsten add toasted semolina porridge to this loaf, which gives it an amazing crumpet like texture. Golden linseeds add a nutty flavour. Semolina is tragically underused in bread making - it is packed full of flavour and nourishment - and by working with a local mill Hylsten can use the beautiful semolina that would otherwise be thrown away.

​Where to buy

Hylsten primarily operate as a wholesale business, but the bakery is open to any visitors who would like to buy bread or pop in and say hello. To be on the safe side they recommend calling ahead as they only bake a few extra loaves a day -  07724844036  (remember they're bakers and might find it hard to answer first time!)

Look our for Hylsten Bakery bread is available at the following retailers:

Bens Farm Shop - Exeter

The Seed - Buckfastleigh

Green Life - Totnes

Country Cheeses - Totnes

Foggs Deli - South Brent

Dayes Farm - Harberton

Holne Community Shop - Holne

Salcombe Meat Company - Salcombe

Porridge Pantry - Brixham

Briar Bakery - Ashburton

Broadhempston Community Shop

Blackawton Community Shop

Deli Dartmouth

Ben's Farm Shop - Staverton

The Postal Pantry - Online Shop

The Happy Apple - Totnes

The Refillery - Totnes

Greendale Farm Shop - Farringdon

Occombe Farm Shop - Paignton

Dean Court Farm Shop - Buckfastleigh

Harbertonford Post Office - Harbertonford

Ben's Farm Shop - Totnes

Loaves of Hylsten Bakery sourdough, cooling on a rack


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