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10 Reasons Why You Should

Updated: 2 days ago

There's something we often say to our customers....

"If you sell a coffee,

you can sell our cookies".

With the summer season just about to kick off, here's 10 reasons why you should stock our Gourmet Cookies in your coffee shop or food outlet.

1. They're Modern & Popular

With the gourmet cookie market in the UK forecasted to grow considerably (largely influenced by success in the USA), consumers (your customers!) will be searching out where they can purchase Gourmet Cookies near them. A gourmet cookie is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of decent coffee. Their sturdy structure and shape make them a natural hand-held snack. They're also luxurious, filling and trendy.

2. We're the Specialists

We'll make no secret of the fact that we took considerable time to perfect our baseline cookie recipe. There were many failures along the way, and we kept at it until we produced Gourmet Cookies to a high standard just the way they should be - soft inside, crisp outside, chunky (no spread during baking) and in an array of interesting flavours. Occasionally we have customers leave us to make their own in house. Needless to say, they aren't prepared for the time and investment necessary and before long, come back to us! You can search the internet and try all the recipes out there, but none of them are quite the same as ours, sorry! We've done the research and invested time into this so that you can simply buy and serve. Win, win.

3. Real Ingredients

We carefully consider what goes into our cookies. Real butter, local free range eggs, Belgian chocolate - you can really taste it! No nasty marg, colourings or preservatives here.

4. Local Producers

We support local producers where possible. Our free range eggs come from a local farm, our jam is produced by Waterhouse Fayre, not far away and our vanilla is sourced and sold by Little Pod who are in the next village. Also, our flour and sugar and oats are all produced in the UK. We love to keep food miles as low as possible.

5. Handmade, Freshly Baked to Order

We make each and every cookie fresh to order. This is something you won't find elsewhere and means you're in control. When your order arrives, the goods will be fresh and can be served straight away, or frozen until you need them.

6. Never Mass Produced

We're hands on here in the bakery. We mix in small and manageable batches and our products are never mass produced. Top. Quality. Every. Time.

7. Stand out from the Crowd

We pick our customers carefully and will never sell our cookies on every street corner. If you're looking for something unique to stand out from the crowd, our cookies are just the thing.

8. Free Marketing Assets

When you stock our cookies, you're automatically given access to free marketing assets. These are quality images to download, print or share for social media and marketing.

9. Always something new

We have a huge range of cookie flavours available. Also, each season we bring out new Limited Edition flavours. Change your cookie offering regularly - it's a great way to keep customers engaged and coming back to try the next new flavour!

10. We Care for the Environment

We know how important it is to care for the environment. As previously mentioned, we like to keep food miles as low as possible. We avoid using plastic packaging. Our pledge to be palm oil free by 2025 is on schedule. There is always more to do in this area, but we're striving to put the environment first.

11. (A real bonus point!)

We're a small family business with a real human customer connection. We put customer service first and foremost (well, second, after baking top quality products). Because we're small, we're flexible. We can tailor recipes to customer specifications when needed and usually work around your requirements.

Ready to stock our gourmet treats? Reach out to us today! You can order here online or by email:


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