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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Waterhouse Fayre makes award winning handmade jams, preserves, chutneys and marmalades in the heart of Devon. The business started in January 2004, in the South Molton Pannier Market on Saturday mornings. This was a way to sell the jam they made with the surplus fruit grown for local hotels and restaurants. Within 2 years they stopped selling their fruit as they needed it all for their jams, and ended up extending the fruit patch to 2.5 acres in order to keep up with demand. In 2015 they moved from North Devon to a more central location in Mid Devon. This involved replacing a falling down stable block with a purpose made building for the jam business. Still located at home and with even more land for fruit growing and many well established fruit trees into the bargain!

We met Waterhouse Fayre at the Taste of the West show this year and have started to use their Raspberry and Blackcurrant jams in our cookies. We are also currently working on a new Autumn cookie with Waterhouse Fayre Jam so watch this space!

White Chocolate and Raspberry Loaded Brownie is a huge favourite. It's a classic brownie, loaded with tangy Waterhouse Fayre Raspberry Jam and creamy white Belgian chocolate. This Brownie is freshly baked to order, and is a perfect treat - rich and luxurious using only the best ingredients, local where possible. (And we can say the same for all our gourmet treats)!

We also use the Waterhouse Fayre Raspberry Jam in our White Chocolate and Raspberry Stuffed Chunky Cookies. These are soft and gooey, using our vanilla cookie dough with Belgian white chocolate chunks and a jammy raspberry centre. These freshly baked gourmet cookies aren't easy to resist, and the delicious Waterhouse Fayre jam is the perfect ingredient.

Our Blackcurrant Bakewell Blondie is a new traybake, we launched it in June and already has proved to be extremely popular. This is available for our trade customers only (sorry!). Creamy Belgian white chocolate is complimented with Waterhouse Fayre Blackcurrant Jam and crispy aromatic almonds. This is the perfect baked treat for your Cafe or Coffee Shop!


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