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The S'mores Cookie just got Better

To be honest, we never got along with our S'Mores cookie as well as our customers did. It was just too stuck to our baking paper, then it stuck to our fingers and then it stuck to the paper bags. At times we considered drawing the line...enough sticky is enough, right? Deep down we knew we couldn't do that because our cookie fans would be sad!

*Drum Roll - Enter the new S'mores Cookie!*

We love it and we know you'll love it too! The same vanilla cookie dough with the same Belgian milk chocolate. This time we've added the marshmallow to the centre of the cookie - it melts and toasts as it cooks giving a true S'mores flavour!

We won the S'mores battle.

Buy as part of our Classic Cookie Selection, or on their own.

(don't forget to warm these cookies before tucking won't regret it)


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